1. Install Microsoft Core Fonts (such as Arial, Times New Roman)

sudo zypper install fetchmsttfonts


2. Install Infinality font rendering.
Although opensuse 13.1’s release notes said they have a “new font engine in Freetype 2.5”, but the font rendering still much worse than Ubuntu. That’s why we need Infinality font rendering.

  • Add the official namtrac:subpixel Infinality repository for openSUSE 13.1. This is the one maintained by the actual Infinality developer(s):


  • Switch system packages to the versions in the namtrac:subpixel repository, and mark for installation any other packages in namtrac:subpixel that aren’t yet installed.
  • If you don’t know how to do above step, Check this link: https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Vendor_change_update#Using_YaST_2
  • From the main openSUSE official repository, install the fontconfig-infinality
  • Make sure your desktop environment’s font configuration for subpixel hinting is set to “Use system settings” or something similar. Only if that option does not exist, set it to RGB order with slight hinting.
  • (Optional) Set all desktop fonts to your prefer.
  • Log out and log back in to your desktop.

via libretechtips


3. Check 1-click-collection for Multimedia codes:


4. Enable extra repositories

  • Open YaST
  • Go to “Software Repositories”
  • Click on ‘Add’
  • Select ‘Community Repositories’
  • Choose the repositories that you need, I recommend:

Main Repository (OSS)
Main Repository (NON-OSS)
Main Update Repository
Packman Repository
openSUSE BuildService – KDE:Extra


5. Install non-free Nvidia/ATi drivers
Check this: http://opensuse-community.org/1-click-collection
But please notice, some drivers are still in beta version.


6. Adjust fcitx’s icon size
If you are using fcitx to input non-english language, you might find fcitx’s icon is larger than other icons in system tray.
You can add a widget to solve this problem:

  • Click the button next to your system tray.
  • Click on “Add Widgets”
  • Add “Input Method Panel”


7. Install Dropbox ServiceMenu
If you are a big fan of Dropbox, you will need Dropbox ServiceMenu, which allows easy access to most of Dropbox features such as “Copy Public URL to clipboard”

  • Firstly make sure you have added “openSUSE BuildService – KDE:Extra” to your repositories
  • Then search and install “dropbox-servicemenu” package

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